I'm back!
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I had forgotten how much fun livejournal is.  I WILL check back more often, I promise!

Joaqy is back!
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 Joaquin Phoenix isn't loony anymore!  Well okay that's probably not true, he IS an actor after all.  But let's just say that he isn't a stuttering, freakish hobo bearded weirdo anymore.  Just watched him on Letterman all pretty and lookin good in his suit, talking coherently and everything.  Yay now this stupid "documentary" he did can just go away (no way am I paying to watch that, it looks really stupid) and then he can get back to acting in real movies.
Only bad thing is that I couldn't get tickets for Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow to see Joaqy, so I'm kinda sad.  :(  

So lets see...ooh tonight I'm going to see Muse in Anaheim.  I'm not the biggest Muse fan ever but should be cool.  Going to downtown Disney first to eat and wander.

Yesterday I ate at PIck up Stix and I got a fortune cookie that says "You will be showered with good luck tomorrow!".  So that means I should have awesome luck today, since everybody knows that fortune cookies are never wrong.

Tonight I shall sit on my booty and watch the tele!
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Sister Act is on Showtime On Demand!  I love that movie, I could watch it a million times and not get sick of it.  And sing along each time of course.  Is it sad that I have a bit of a crush on the old guy that plays her mobster boyfriend, I think his name is Harvey Keitel.  I've always liked him for some reason.  I like the stocky types.

So I feel gross, I went to lunch at the Yardhouse today, thought I had done ok with calories and it turns out I ate 1200 calories!  I thought we were going to the Roadhouse so I had my meal all planned out but when we ended up going to Yardhouse I was caught off guard and totally blew it.  Yarghhh.  Also way too tired from walking around all day at work to go to kickboxing tonight.  Oh well, tomorrow is a new day!

O. M. G.
omgawd dumbledore
 PAULA DEEN JUST MADE A DONUT BURGER.  No joke, donuts as the bread, and in between was a hamburger, a fried egg, and bacon.  I want one so bad! 

So lets see, nothing much to report.  Nothing at all.  Just the donut burger...

franklin teef
Boo to the True Blood finale yesterday, it was awful.  The show is terrible, they got rid of my Franklin, and its just gotten cheesy.  And lets see, oh yeah, Time Warner Cable, boo to you also!  $5 cancellation fee to get rid of HBO?  I only had it for 3 months and all you do is enter some stuff on a computer or something so why do I have to pay $5?  That is ridiculous and I am SO CANCELLING YOUR STUPID SERVICE ONCE MY CONTRACT IS UP.  Jerks.  I am so not getting HBO next season, I'll just watch online for FREE.  Gosh I am so unhappy right now.  
Hopefully the Chargers will win tonight and make my mood a little bit better.

Lazy Sunday
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Yeah I am totally watching Back to the Future part 2 for the second time this weekend.  I can't help it, best series ever.  And part 3 is on next!  What an awesome way to waste a weekend.  I know its beautiful outside and everything but I'm always outside during the week, I enjoy sitting on my bootie watching the tele!  

I would be watching football but there's no good games on.  The Chargers don't play until tomorrow though so I'm god to go.

Food Network
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I love me some food network, but seriously, how are 99% of these girls skinny?  And not just normal skinny, but waaaay skinny.  There is no way they actually eat all this buttery, oily, meaty cheesy food they make.

Saturday wahoo!
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Okay I just had my yummy oatmeal and now I'm ready for kickboxing in a few hours.  I really need to get my recycling set so I can get some $$$$$, and also so my garage isn't jam packed with bags of cans.  
I was measuring and when my jeep is in the garage I should have enough room to hang one of those punching bags from the ceiling.  My truck is too long so I wouldn't have enough room then, but I can just leave it outside all the time like I usually do.  But how awesome would that be?  I love my kickboxing class but we don't get to actually kick or punch anything.

Wow I just unplugged my computer and it turned off, apparently the battery isn't charging at all.  I really need to fix my computer, this one works but its super duper old!

I was thinking of making some vegetarian chili today but I dunno, I have a lot of food to eat still.  But I really want a chili dog so I think I'll do it.  I've gotta learn about spices, I really don't know how to use anything other than pepper really hahah.  

Ohhh man, I just saw a clip from the Amazing Race on O' Reilly, the chick shot herself in the face with a watermelon.  That must have hurt SO bad!  That was funny, but now they're talking about how desperate people are to get on tv and they'll do anything.  Yeah I don't think so, I wouldn't care about being on tv, I just want a free trip around the world. 

Terriers and other things
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So I am currently watching Terriers before I go off to kickboxing.  I love that its set in Ocean Beach, that's cool, I go to the dog beach down there.  I love Michael Raymond-James, he's so cute.  But other than that, yeah, the show kinda blows.  I just read that it didn't have too many viewers either.  So not looking so good...
Looks like Freddy's show Chaos is my only hope for a good one!  (Since I saw Franklin's pilot episode at Comic Con and it was terrible also.)  Sigh, maybe I'm just not meant to see my tv boyfriends in new shows.  Or maybe I just need to pick more famous tv boyfriends...hmm..

Well my dog decided it would be cool to pee on my bed.  Why did he pee you ask?  Oh well that would be because I was petting him and gave him a kiss.  I don't even know what to do, I kicked him out and he gets to stay in the yard to think about why he is such a wussy annoying little baby.  ARGH!!

Only one more day left until the weekend, yay.  I am just so sick of work lately.

Today...is Wednesday.
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Yeah, really great title, I know. 

I have a massive headache again today.  I don't understand why!  I decided to watch 30 minute meals for the first time in like 3 years and the first thing I thought was omg Rachel Ray is pregnant!  Then I googled and apparently she isn't?  I dunno man, she looks pretty pregnant from the side view.  

So lets see, well I think I was just in a goofy mood today, I busted up laughing like twice and usually I don't have a problem keeping it in.  But one guy from work was talking and said something like "Elena said that I am ugly and the only way to fix it is to put tin foil on my head and cover my belly in linseed oil."  Ok I expect nothing less than a random comment like that from this person but for some reason it caught me off guard and was hilarious.
Then my boss forwarded me an email, and I am one of those people that looks at the other people on the email list.  I noticed his girlfriend was on there and her email address is like ryansbabe or something like that.  Luckily I was outside for that one because I just couldn't keep it in.  
Gosh I really like having a livejournal to talk to, I can't even count how many journals I've started and then quit after like 2 entries.

And yeah I need some Gio icons, another thing to do this weekend!

My friend just asked me to go to the Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt with him, of course its the weekend when my parents will be staying with me, and the day after I go to the Muse concert in Anaheim.  Its weird how like everything always is going on at the exact same time!  Hopefully I can catch him the next day before he goes back home, gotta admit I'm not exactly sad to miss the Haunt thing, I am such an uber wimp, I would probably start crying if something popped out at me hahah!


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