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Terriers and other things
screaming sookie
So I am currently watching Terriers before I go off to kickboxing.  I love that its set in Ocean Beach, that's cool, I go to the dog beach down there.  I love Michael Raymond-James, he's so cute.  But other than that, yeah, the show kinda blows.  I just read that it didn't have too many viewers either.  So not looking so good...
Looks like Freddy's show Chaos is my only hope for a good one!  (Since I saw Franklin's pilot episode at Comic Con and it was terrible also.)  Sigh, maybe I'm just not meant to see my tv boyfriends in new shows.  Or maybe I just need to pick more famous tv boyfriends...hmm..

Well my dog decided it would be cool to pee on my bed.  Why did he pee you ask?  Oh well that would be because I was petting him and gave him a kiss.  I don't even know what to do, I kicked him out and he gets to stay in the yard to think about why he is such a wussy annoying little baby.  ARGH!!

Only one more day left until the weekend, yay.  I am just so sick of work lately.

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pahah i forgot to watch! i feel like it is kind of early for a show to be on!! haha poor rene and his poopy show :(

yeah man, like no other shows have started yet, its weird that rene's already started. normally fx has good shows, i don't know why his sucks

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