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Saturday wahoo!
freddy smiley
Okay I just had my yummy oatmeal and now I'm ready for kickboxing in a few hours.  I really need to get my recycling set so I can get some $$$$$, and also so my garage isn't jam packed with bags of cans.  
I was measuring and when my jeep is in the garage I should have enough room to hang one of those punching bags from the ceiling.  My truck is too long so I wouldn't have enough room then, but I can just leave it outside all the time like I usually do.  But how awesome would that be?  I love my kickboxing class but we don't get to actually kick or punch anything.

Wow I just unplugged my computer and it turned off, apparently the battery isn't charging at all.  I really need to fix my computer, this one works but its super duper old!

I was thinking of making some vegetarian chili today but I dunno, I have a lot of food to eat still.  But I really want a chili dog so I think I'll do it.  I've gotta learn about spices, I really don't know how to use anything other than pepper really hahah.  

Ohhh man, I just saw a clip from the Amazing Race on O' Reilly, the chick shot herself in the face with a watermelon.  That must have hurt SO bad!  That was funny, but now they're talking about how desperate people are to get on tv and they'll do anything.  Yeah I don't think so, I wouldn't care about being on tv, I just want a free trip around the world. 


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