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O. M. G.
omgawd dumbledore
 PAULA DEEN JUST MADE A DONUT BURGER.  No joke, donuts as the bread, and in between was a hamburger, a fried egg, and bacon.  I want one so bad! 

So lets see, nothing much to report.  Nothing at all.  Just the donut burger...

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LOL!! I've never thought of pairing those 4 together but if presented to me, I'd probably eat in within seconds!
I went to her restaurant in Savannah but the line was so friggin' long! Maybe next time :D

My thoughts exactly, not something I would ever think to make but I would scarf that sucker down!!
Ohhhhh she has a restaurant??? I would love to eat there as well. Although sometimes I feel like I gain 5 pounds just by watching all the butter she cooks with!

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