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Joaqy is back!
freddy smiley
 Joaquin Phoenix isn't loony anymore!  Well okay that's probably not true, he IS an actor after all.  But let's just say that he isn't a stuttering, freakish hobo bearded weirdo anymore.  Just watched him on Letterman all pretty and lookin good in his suit, talking coherently and everything.  Yay now this stupid "documentary" he did can just go away (no way am I paying to watch that, it looks really stupid) and then he can get back to acting in real movies.
Only bad thing is that I couldn't get tickets for Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow to see Joaqy, so I'm kinda sad.  :(  

So lets see...ooh tonight I'm going to see Muse in Anaheim.  I'm not the biggest Muse fan ever but should be cool.  Going to downtown Disney first to eat and wander.

Yesterday I ate at PIck up Stix and I got a fortune cookie that says "You will be showered with good luck tomorrow!".  So that means I should have awesome luck today, since everybody knows that fortune cookies are never wrong.


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